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Space Engineers PvP Server Live!

We have opened a small PvP server for Space Engineers, right now it has 8 slots with over 10 people in the group, but if we reach 8 players on the server active regular we will then increase the slots to unlimited, to join the group and login to the server please head to the steam group below. (STEAM GROUP)

Server DetailsServer IP:
Server Name: L&B/Forknite Crew
Slots: 8
Style: Team/Solo PvP

Assembler Speed: 10
Assembler Efficiency: 10
Refinery Speed: 10
Welder Speed: 10
Grinder Speed: 10
Hack Speed: 0.33
Inventory Size: 10

Disable Respawn Ships: True
Scripts: Enabled

Cyber Hounds: Enabled
Spiders: Enabled
Environment: Normal
Oxygen: Enabled
Oxygen Pressure: Disabled

NoticeWe have 8 slots, but if we have 8 active players regular and more than 8 in the group we will upgrade to unlimited slots.

AccessYou cannot access the server without being admitted to the group.

DiscordJoin our discord to report any issues or to request mods to be added. (WORKSHOP MODS)

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