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Jupiter REM Vs Union City

The battle is on for the Top spot, up until this morning Jupiter had the vote and we had begun working on development for it before we finalize any voting let’s explain what the changes could be for either.

The Current Map (Pripyat)

Pripyat is a post-apocalyptic map with its own unique day and very dark night cycle, it’s large, open, has plenty of buildings and hidden bases in caves and sewers, combined with a few add-ons this is a beautiful map that has allowed us to direct our attention to mostly military units, players models and vehicles including (and this part is important) helicopters has it has a high ceiling but sadly has a lot of bugs, missing entities spamming console and causes fps drops on even top-grade machines.

Union City

If we were to change to union city, we would have to remove our Helicopters, also there is less open area and its more of a DarkRP feeling with shops, alley’s, bars, a hospital and police station with not much cover if you get attacked in the street.

This would also mean to fit the style we would have to remove a lot of our MadMax or Post-Apocalyptic style vehicles and add a new modern car pack.

Don’t get us wrong, the map is gorgeous and fun and offers a lot, but we want you to know what you would be giving up and what you would be gaming.

Another note is, we have heavy explosives planned, this means that they as well as the EMP and Chemical Bomb would have a much greater risk of hitting you even if you’re not in the raid nearby as everything is much more compact (the buildings).

On to the positives, the map is beautiful and would offer a chance at a new theme, as we have already titled Urban Conflict, we would be adding new player models and clothes like mafia, suits, casual clothes, and gang members models to give the busy city feeling.

We would also be sacrificing the old military vehicles (not including tanks) but helicopters and other vehicles to add things like Audi’s and Lambo’s with car customization.

The missions would also be very different and offer new opportunities like raiding the bank for money, the hospital or a factory for resources and research, or the police station for weapons, but this would also mean that a few vital locations with good space would be taken up by missions whereas the other maps offer much more diversity and open space for unique events.

Also with the Low ceiling drones would have a harder time as they would have to fly lower than normal to prevent hitting the top of the map or getting stuck, some of them would also have to be removed as their too big to get through the streets.

Jupiter Remastered

This would be a big shift into a much large map, It’s gorgeous and we would still be sticking with the post-apocalyptic theme but more of a modern-day with much nicer foliage for cover and plenty of trees for cover or to make bases in. It has plenty of military areas and unique locations for creative base building.

It’s a little harder to drive around but the ceiling is high allowing us to keep helicopters and drones at full force.

We want to stress again though the scale of the map is enormous, with lots of open areas for custom building and far more diversity in terms of missions offer much more chances to get the items they desperately need, and even random events to catch players off guard that offer no reward but could cost players their lives and loot.

The Vote

Please head over to:

Cast your votes, we will be making a final decision at the end of the day.

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