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Important News

What’s Happening

Hello all, sadly due to lack of engagement and consistency of the community we are shutting down both our Garry’s Mod server and our Minecraft server. Initially, we had big plans for Basewars and were planning to reopen DarkRP since so many asked for base wars to come back and we’re excited about the new content, but due to Uni and work those players have been forced to focus on real-life and we have lost a lot of our player base.

What struck us more was that a lot of people requested changes to base wars but once they were implemented those players stopped coming on the server, although frustrating we tried to create more content around those changes and those players still were not consistent enough to make the server attractive to new players so we have been forced to shut down and pursue other things as a studio.

The Minecraft server although fun didn’t have enough player base to support the funding so again we were forced to shut down and pursue other things.

We are growing as a team and are going to be making some big changes, coming next month we will be diverting to L&BStudios which will be our official brand for the games we will be releasing sometime next year if all goes well.

Why the name change?

We have been trying to move away from TrilogyNetworks for a while, its shadow was quite big after everything we achieved. Sadly DarkHorizon was an attempt at creating a unique brand people would remember, but Trilogy was just too unique and we failed in that aspect and we have to now remove ourselves from that mindset and move on.

We spent months coming up with different names and logos and DarkHorizon was a test, to see if we could beat our previous achievements, but sadly again dude to the much lower player base of Garry’s Mod we weren’t able to grow as we did in the past.

L&BStudios is a simple setup, the 2 last names of the directors of Trilogy/DarkHorizon, we will be switching domains and all our previous work will be rebranded and this will be the last change we make.

What’s Next?

First of all, for anyone who wishes to know, we will be selling Trilogy / Horizon Basewars, the base game mode in several packages/stages, the base game mode of course, but also a DLC will be events, where you will have access to events setup scripts for commonly used maps. We will also include a package with everything including the default database which has everyone’s money, research, and the ulx groups, this is under development right now to be sold on the site store.

We will also be selling other things like our huds even the DarkRP hud that was never implemented but got lots of positive feedback when we showed the community.

We will mainly now be focusing on independent games for mobile, android, tablet and pc, we are looking for able people looking to gain some experience in game development to be apart of these projects, so if that’s what you’re looking for please head to the discord now to find out more.

Thank You

We just want to thank you, the community for all you’ve given over the years especially those who have been with us since the beginning fo Trilogy, you gave us so much feedback and we accomplished so much together it was a wonderful journey and we will carry it with us always and use it to guide our direction, ambition, and creativity in the future and we hope we can make something new that you can enjoy playing as much s we enjoy making.

That’s all for now, good luck players!

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