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Horizon Basewars Update 3.7.2

We have been hearing the players struggle when starting the game, being a hardcore server with skilled NPCs and all kinds of new things going on setting the server apart from others, we understand that the beginning can be a struggle so we have decided on a few things.


The new survival kit is accessible to all players and will last for a total of 7 days, on activation the player will get 1000 pointshop points towards player models or entertainment items.

The player will also get a range of weapons ranging from AK and M4 down to pistols like the P99 and it will also include the new Riot Shield which is usually research but we feel this defensive item is an amazing asset to completing missions and will allow both solo players and groups to complete them faster.

To activate this pack simply use !donate in chat and activate the pack.

Radio & Entertainment

The entertainment TVs have been updated and now allow for almost all youtube videos to play including live streams, we have also updated the radio stations with new ones as a few of the previous ones have shut down.

Thats All for now

Thanks for checking in everyone we will have more updates coming this week. Good luck players.

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