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Horizon Basewars Update 3.6

The update is small but full of unique new content we know you, the players will enjoy, let’s get into the update.

/Sell Command

This has been a huge missing part of the server for a long time as we didn’t want people abusing a sell command so we didn’t add it, but now we have added a sell command everyone can use but only if they haven’t been had a positive raid scan on them in the past 10 minutes, this prevents people from leaving just before or during a raid.

Currently, the /sell % is 100% of the buy worth but this may change depending on how balanced the current value is set to.

Hud Remake

Sadly during the 3.5 update, the Hud files got overwritten and we had to completely do it from scratch again and thankfully, the results are far better and we hope you like the new look too.

Random Loot Boxes

Loot boxes have now been given a bunch of new goodies, we wont get too much into what gear or weapons you can get from them, we want you guys to find out for yourselves, we know you’ll appreciate it.


Sadly a lot of the media addons that we had been using until now have stopped working but thankfully the home cinema tv still works so we have removed the old ones and added that to the printshops entertainment section, we hope the community enjoys having their TVs back.

That’s All!

Thanks for checking in guys, we’ll keep you posted on the new wolves NPC events that will be coming soon! Good Luck Players!

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