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Horizon Basewars Update .3.6.2

Changes & Bug Fixes

Thanks to the community we have addressed some major bugs that have occurred after cleaning up the workshop, and we have also made some cosmetic changes to the servers loading screen.

  1. Updated materials with new models.
  2. New Loading Screen (with music – requested).
  3. Technology Research Blueprints name corrected.
  4. Ammo Box Despawn Timer added.
  5. NPC Researcher now gives Technology Research Blueprints.

That’s all!

These are some major patches even though they look small they had a major impact on the server but thankfully with the player base’s help its all been fixed and now you can play with the full content, and us the developers can work on all the new content coming in 3.7 and 8. Thanks for checking in guys. Good Luck Players!

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