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Horizon Basewars Update 3.6.1

Today we have made a few adjustments and removed a few entities causing issues, we have also reinstalled the server on a fresh slot as the servers original installation actually installed the Client files for gmod instead of Server files, this caused a number of issues with addons and in-game mechanics, but thankfully now that is all fixed. Here are the list of changes and bug fixes.

Changes & Bug Fixes

  1. Base files were reinstalled
  2. Resources were fixed, you can not drop/pick up (even trade) resources and complete research.
  3. Removed extra “Kliener” player mode from pointshop.
  4. Removed Media Tv from pointshop.
  5. Added New Radio to Pointshop.
    With over 20 new channels to choose from including metal, hip hop, house and chill stations.
  6. /Sell commands refund % has been reduced from 100% to 75% to keep things more balanced.

That’s All!

We will be working on 3.7 this week, it will be an absolutely huge update with lots of new events and content and will even have Lore reintroduced, keep your eyes out for easter eggs :P.

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