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Horizon Basewars Patch 3.5

Welcome to 3.5
We have patched quite a few things and have some brand new content for you, but be ready, there’s new content coming this week which will be game-changing, but more on that later.

Random Loot Crates

We have now added a brand new random loot crate spawn around the map, allowing players to find goodies even if they don’t have the firepower or known strategies for completing missions. The new loot boxes will spawn every hour and have a chance of giving money, weapons including special weapons that cannot be obtained any other way, and of course research blueprints.

The New Hud

We have created a brand new sleek hud with better visibility, its plane and less buggy than the simple one we had before and we hope you like its simple sleek and compact layout.

Changes & Bug Fixes

  1. Pointshop Media Devices Fixed.
    Before now they were error’s or wouldn’t play, they do now, make sure you have Garry’s Mod Chromium for media to work, you do this by going to steam > garry’s mod > properties > betas and change to chromium. Be aware that other players can hear your radios and youtube videos.
  2. We have cleaned up the workshop removing anything we did not need.
  3. Removed Advanced Duplicator.
    We are using ADV 2 since it is more secure.
  4. Corrected the Buy Menu Title.
    From our old title “Trilogy Basewars Menu”.
  5. Changed the Death Drop Bag Model.
    We felt this needed a better and more realistic model.
  6. Changed the Kevlar Vest Model.
    We also felt this one needed a new more realistic model, be aware that kevlar may become a craftable item later instead of a normal buy item.

What’s Next?

2 Huge parts of what the next update will hold are 1. We will be adding brand new explosives, now most base wars servers would call them “The Big Bomb” or something to that effect, but what we will be adding are far more dramatic, realistic and far more dangerous, we will be adding a group of explosives ranging from small door traps to huge bombs that will require time to detonate and they will cover massive areas of the map leaving a beautiful display of fire and smoke, now they may or may not destroy base wars items but they will certainly send props and base items flying and of course they will kill anyone inside the death zone.

The second part will be a brand new series of random events where wolves and other creatures will spawn around the map in groups or as a singularly powerful unit for players to either run away from or kill, either way, they won’t leave you alive without resistance. We are currently working on what the mechanics are and what kind of rewards we will implement, for now, that’s all, come back next time to see what’s happening.

That’s All

Thanks for checking in, we hope you enjoy the updates and we know you will what’s coming up in 3.6! Good Luck Players!

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