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Horizon Basewars Map Vote

We are in the middle of deciding the direction of Horizon’s Basewars Map for Garry’s Mod, sadly because Pripyat is outdated, buggy and causes FPS drops we need something new and fresh.

Events / Missions, of course, will be updated correctly to suit the map with the same rewards and of course some new ones.

Currently, we have a few in mine, they are listed below and we would like you guys to vote on them.

We are not sticking with our post-apocalyptic style, we may go modern, the map will determine this. We will keep all current models and vehicles but may add some new ones to suit the map.

RP Desert Strike
Dayz Ghosttown
RP Union City
ARP The Cordon
Jupiter Remaster

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Jupiter REM Vs Union City – DarkHorizon Studios 19th August 2019 at 5:55 pm

[…] head over to: Cast your votes, we will be making a final decision at the end of the […]


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