Horizon Basewars Guide


Our previous name was TrilogyNetworks, we are currently working on a brand new guide, for the time being, you can watch our old video to understand the basics.

Be aware the server reboots every night at midnight BST, it will notify you 10 minutes beforehand so make sure collect and sell all your stuff, your weapons will automatically be saved and you will have them when you rejoin the server.

Free 7 Day Survival Kit

We have created a free pack in the !donate menu for new players, it will give you a 1000 pointshop points boost and give you weapons each time you spawn, it will last 7 days.

Media / Chromium

We use Garry’s Mod Chromium Version, this means things like youtube media can be played through our radios and TVs and much more, we recommend you do this, goto steam > garry’s mod > properties > betas and select chromium – from the drop-down list and accept.

Commands & Hotkeys

  • F2 Basewars Menu
  • F3 Facitons Menu
  • F4 Raid Scan Menu
  • F1 Pointshp or Press P or type !shop or !pointshop in chat
  • /dropmoney
  • /dropweapon
  • !thirdperson
  • /sell
  • console – use_bandage
    This command is used when you have bandages and it will stop bleeding, you can use bind key “command” in the console for quicker use, for example, bind n “use_bandage”.
  • F10 or !suggestions in chat
  • !streaks
  • !bounty
    Show the bounty scoreboard.
  • !leader
    Show the online players money leader board.
  • R+E / Reload + Use
    Unlock printer rack and unload printers.

Mining, Crafting, Research & Inventory

To go mining you must own a Forge, you make a pickaxe, find a mining node and hit it for ore, which you then process at the forge to make other materials for crafting and research. Curtain research requires blueprints, for example, Printer Research, Technology Research, and Weapons Research, you need these to unlock special items which you can collect from Mission Objectives, Loot boxes and Random loot boxes that are scattered around the map. You can also trade items by holding C you can see your inventory and drop things to other players.

Mission Objectives

There are missions that occur randomly around the map at set locations on rotation. By completing these events you find loot boxes which contain everything from money, research materials to advanced weapons, they fall under 3 categories, “Military”, “Resource” & “Research”, research events allow you to obtain blueprints to research new items.

Pripyat Map

South-West Station: Military (Weapons and Money).
Military Bunker: Resource (Research Materials & Money).
Hospital: Research (Hostage NPC Gives Blueprints, 10-minute countdown before they move).

Union City Map

  • Bank Raid (Military)
    purely weapons-based, you can obtain anything from pistols to an RPG.
  • Bank Raid (Military/Resource)
    This missions money van varies, the longer the mission is not completed the more money mounts up in the bank, increasing each time it triggers.
    It also includes a verity of resources saving you the trouble of going mining and crafting.
  • Random Loot Spawn (All)
    The random loot crates spawn every hour, and can give you anything from money, to diamonds and other resources and even special equipment you cannot get anywhere else.
  • Research Agent (Blueprints)
    This mission allows the player to find the agent npc and choose any random blueprint they want from the list.


Blueprints can be obtained either through the Agent/Researchers or through loot crates, the small loot crates have a 5% chance of giving a random blueprint, the large ones have a 10% chance of a random blueprint.


You can Hold C to open your inventory and even trade what you have with other players for other resources, blueprints, money or weapons.


Your weapons save so when you log out of the server, you will have them when you come back.

Basewars Tutorial

This guide covers the basics of mining, crafting, research, and your inventory.

Building Tutorial

This tutorial covers all the necessary building tools and techniques for building the perfect base for defending your loot.

Events – Mission Test & Updates

This is a mission test video showing the most recent updates to events.