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Horizon Basewars 3.7 Is Here!!!!

We have an absolutely Massive new update for you guys, the missions, new lore, new loot, new research, new video notifications and so much more, lets get into it.

New Textures / Materials

We’ve added a new group of texture materials for you guys to have more customization in your building we hope this makes a big difference in design, we love creativity especially being a basewars server we keep our eye out for it.


We’ve brought back the old MOTD menu giving players a little more information when joining the server, be aware there is also a terms and conditions players must accept on joining before they can play, you dont have to read it but be aware this means if you attack or damage the server on purpose we can take legal action.


We have now introduced 2 brand new anti-cheat systems to help protect the server and its player base from people looking to exploit or damage the server, we hope they will be effective, we have also introduced a new sniffing system allowing us to track lag spikes and whats causing it meaning players lagging the server on purpose will also be caught and banned.

BulletProof Shield Research

This has been requested a lot and we have now introduced a brand new “cheap” and cost-effective bulletproof shield which not only can be held and used to pursue a target, it can also be dropped for reload cover, we hope you enjoy the new shield and the opportunities it opens up.

VIP Packs

Vip Diamond Pack now includes a custom workshop model the donator can choose which will be a permanent model in our collection.

We have also added new packs ranging from Bronze to Diamond, we have also now added 2 new multi-purchase packs that allows you to buy pointshop points or in game money to boost your progression.

Turret Fix

The turret from research sadly was not spawning because of a type we discovered. Thankfully this was fixed before anyone had reached the base defense research stage.

Radio Fix

As you know we added a Radio to the pointshop with over 40 custom live radio stations covering as many genre’s as we could but some of the url’s had changed so it was causing error’s, this has been fixed and all stations now work.

Printers Patch & Rack

Printers, especially in racks, were throwing money out and it was causing issues with lagged money and much more, so we have fixed the money spawn allowing for simple clean builds that keep efficiency with conveyors.

Players have been requesting the ability to upgrade printer rack health and that’s what’s been done, you can now upgrade printer racks health to protect your printers during raids.

Poker Table – BlackJAck

We have added a few fun new things to the pointshop but now we have included an RP poker table for you and your friends to play BlackJack which uses chips, you can convert your pointshop points into chips and vise versa and use them to win games.

Pointshop Youtube TV

This was a big loss before as gmod had updated and the old Plasma Youtube TV was no longer working, but we have fixed it! Now you can stream music till your heart’s content.

Campfire & Flaregun

It was requested that we add a campfire, which we have now added, right now it just lightly lights the area but we will be making it heal you over time by being close to it.

We have also added a flaregun with a little custom code to make it suit our needs better, this should make raids and giving away target locations much easier and we hope it’ll help players locate each other, we have made it as cheap as possible and of course the ammo box will resupply it.

Server Restart Schedule

Over the past month we as well as the player base have noticed the server begins to lag if not restarted after 24 hours, so we have now implemented a new schedule where at midnight BST every day the server will notify the players that the server is going to restart in 10, 5 and 1 minute allowing players to save their bases, collect their money and use the /sell command to refund their game items before the reboot.

Bounty System

As requested we have created a brand new Bounty system, online players are all set a bounty and as they kill NPCs and Players they earn bounty points, you can check all online players bounty’s by using the !bounty command in chat, when you kill a player with a bounty score, you earn their score as raw in-game cash, we hope this will encourage more teamwork and pvp.

Money Leaders

We have created a brand new online players money leader board, by typing !leader in chat you can see all active players current money from most to least. This feature may not be permanent as it would allow players with further progress to target newer players.


We have updated the missions with a broad new selection of dynamic events and missions that are on a whole new level and total at 9, we have new NPCs that are harder to kill and much more scary to engage, we have also added new features like players being kidnapped by NPCs and you will have to save them, not only do we have new lore and missions and events, we also have a new system for notifying players by showing a quick video about the mission or event on screen, we hope you enjoy this update, we love this new content and the result and we hope you give us feedback on what we’ve done.

Kill Feed Removed!

This was requested this week and though we failed in quite a few attempts we have successfully removed the kill feed allowing for player and npc kills to remain discrete.

That’s All & Thank you

Thank you again for checking in and playing on the server, thank you again to our VIP donators, we aim to keep improving the server as often as possible with fully immersive content to make your experience amazing, and to feel less like gmod and more like an independent game with all your favorite features from gmod its self.

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