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DarkHorizon Basewars 3.9 Update

Welcome to 3.9, this update we have made some very necessary changes and added some new features that our players have been requesting for quite some time, lets get into it.

Basewars Item Prices

Because of the slow start some people have had we have made some new changes to the buy menu, we have reduced the price of the following items in the buy menu.

  • Ammo Box
  • Ammo Pack
  • Spawn Point
  • Kevlar Vest
  • Keypad Cracker
  • Blowtorch

Forge: Spawnpoint

We were told of a strange bug where the forge was crafting stuff and spawning them in weird places, this has been fixed, the forge will not spawn crafted items on the right-hand side of where the microscope is so you can set a ramp, like with printers for items to slide to where you want things to land.

Physgun / Spawnpoint

We’re not sure how it happened but the spawn point was removed from the physgun blacklist allowing players to exploit where they spawn, this has now been fixed.

Loot Boxes & Blueprints

We have added a new function to all loot boxes, the small ones have a 5% chance of a random blueprint, and the large ones during missions have a 10% chance of giving a random blueprint, we hope this will help balance out player progression along with the new agent mission allowing players to get a specific blueprint.

Mission Changes

Now during both the Police Department Raid and the Bank raid, after 5 minutes Heavy Armored Police units will arrive around the area to prevent you from getting in or out, adding a little more challenge to the missions as we and others have found them very easy to complete.

Printer Rack Lock

There was a very annoying bug where trying to move your printer rack would unlock them and spit them out because the owner used E or use to rotate the rack, we have now changed it so you must press E + R or use + reload to unlock the printers, we hope this makes things better for you.

Weapons Saving

Now finally to the heart of this update and a feature almost everyone has requested, players wanted their weapons to save when they logout, we have now done accomplished this, when you logout your weapons will be given back to you when you rejoin the server.

Dont forget the free 7 day survival kit in the !donate menu.

Thats All For Now

We hope this covers most of what players requested, we have a few more features up coming in the next few weeks including an NPC trader to sell your ore and other items. We will also be rebalancing loot crates to match the new numbers once we see how they play out over the next few weeks. Thanks for checking in, Good Luck Players!

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