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Dark Horizon Basewars 3.8 Update

The Map Change – Union City Night

Welcome to 3.8 players, to begin, the first thing you will notice is that the map has now been changed, due to Pripyat causing far too much lag and fps drops on player clients we have been forced to abandon the map, this is a sad loss as its theme and size allowed us to be a little more creative with our missions and easter eggs.

Thankfully though we have found another city map, we feel its better looking and better for our gamemode than something like our old map rockford. Union City works well with our weather and day/night cycle addon and looks stunning with the extra effects added to the collection.

Players should experience a much better experience on the map and we are sure you will enjoy all of the new buildings and secret places you can setup base.

Vehicles, Helicopters & More

Due to the theme and scale of the map, we have removed helicopters, we have also removed tanks as they are nowhere near as useful on a city map, but we will be adding new vehicle packs like Ferrari and BMW’s and of course, other military vehicles to allow players to play the way they want. This update will come soon, right now we plan on car customization as well.

Missions & Events

Of course the missions and events played a significant role on Pripyat and we have recreated brand new missions on Union City Night, currently, we have 4, a chance to raid the police department for weapons loot, you can raid the bank for money and resources, the researcher is no longer kidnapped and guarded by cipher units, they will spawn randomly around the map, check your hud marker for their location, this should make getting research less difficult but also encourage pvp for the research, and finally we have random loot boxes that will spawn around the map rewarding players with all kinds of goodies including a chance at a random blueprint.

Video notifications have been updated with the new missions and events so players don’t miss them and know exactly what they can get in the event.

Weapon Attachments

Weapon attachments had become a hassle, having to research and then buy them every time you died, so now all players have access to all attachments on spawn, this with the vehicles and helicopters being removed from the buy menu has made the buy menu much cleaner, smaller and easier to navigate, we hope this improves your experience.

Mutants & Cyborgs

Mutants and terminator cyborgs have been removed from the server due to the uncertain plans for future lore and direction of the server with union city, as we do not want to take up all the best basing spots, we want to keep the missions minimal and necessary, but we do have ideas of future lore and events that should keep players on their toes and their minds turning as they discover new documents.

Thats All For Now

This update is quite a dramatic change and we hope it addresses all our players concerns, our next plan is to have a weapons/loadout saving system when logging out and it is our current priority. For now, good luck players!

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